Power players and innovators in the Internet of Things

Between November 2014 and January 2015, IoT Nexus conducted a survey of hundreds of professionals in the IoT space. We uncovered where the true power and innovation lies within IoT, as determined by the industry itself.

Rarely does a technological development come along with the genuine promise of changing the world beyond recognition. The Internet of Things represents just such a technological leap.

Drawing in-depth analytics from any connected device in real-time, increasing efficiencies across all industries and granting the ability for predictive maintenance are just some of the benefits being exploited by the most successful players in IoT.

Against this backdrop, IoT Nexus produced an industry-wide survey, completed by hundreds of companies working within IoT today, from massive multinationals to SMEs and Start-Ups, to discover which companies are considered the most powerful and the most innovative in the industry.
Three thought leaders, representing companies that have been voted into the coveted top 10 spots on the IoT power list, give their insights in this paper. Key speakers from these companies, as well as many of their colleagues – some of the most influential operators in IoT today – will be presenting at IoT Nexus: Interoperability on 17th-18th June, San Francisco.

Power players and innovators in the Internet of Things
– A report by IoT Nexus –

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