New RFID solution by Intel

Intel is continuing its push into the mobile market by releasing a SoC which could mean lower 3G implementation.

SMARTi UE2p is a new radio frequency product that integrates 3G power amplifiers into radio frequency circuits for a system-on-chip. It means that it is possible to put 3G on a smaller footprint within the phone, making it easier for developers of 3G-enabled devices and cuts the cost of ownership. As far as Intel is concerned this means that it can push its mobile hardware onto cheap and cheerful 3G phones which are needed in developing economies.

SMARTi UE2p uses Intel’s 3G high speed packet access (HSPA) radio frequency transceiver SMARTi UE2 and 3G power amplifiers on a 65nm silicon die. It has a direct connection to the device battery and supports multiple 3G dual band set-ups.

The move should allow mobile customers to introduce lower-cost 3G handsets but also allow for the development of connected objects. It is something that Intel has been pushing as being part of its internet of things idea which is what we loosely identify as meaning owning an internet connected fridge.

Samples are expected in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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