The evolution of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a “gradual revolution that will lead to all the objects surrounding us being connected to the Internet in some way”.

This  is one of the the main ideas containing at the report about The Evolution of the Internet of Things recently presented by Casaleggio Associati, a consultancy on Internet strategy and research on the digital economy in Italy.

According to its point of view of  Casaleggio Associati the report identifies five stages in this Internet of Things evolution process that they have named:

  1. The world is the index: objects are identified by their position in the world
  2. Take the world online: moving onjects uniquely identified by a code
  3. Take control of the world: the objects are connected to the Internet  and interact with people
  4. Let the things talk to each other: objects communicate with each other and action each other  to occurrance of certain conditions
  5. Let things become intelligent: objects communicate with the Net to which they provided information that can be elaborated and used as new knowledge

In order to get an idea of how technology has evolved in the last few years regarding to the IoT, te report presents a  summary of Internet-connected products developed in each of these stages. It also explains how each product works and the technologies used.

The report concludes that the main challenge is to create and develop technologies that integrate the two basic factors for merging objects and the Internet, “energy” and “connectivty”. This goal would make possible to think on new products connected to the Internet  in the future, because currently the applications are being targeted mostly to mobile phones, due to their capabilities regarding power and connectivity everywhere.


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